Phishing Scam Warning

This is the latest version of a well established blackmail threat scam and is called a “Phishing Scam”. The scammer alleges that they have installed remote desktop software on your p.c. to spy on you via your webcam and log what your typing on your keyboard. They claim to have evidence of your personal online habits and want to extort money from you to be paid in Bitcoin unless you co-operate. They even send you your password to prove they are not lying.


This scam (or variation) uses email addresses and passwords that can be bought on the black market from companies that were hacked years ago. The scammers assume you wont have changed your password even though you probably were forced to after major online companies/banks etc were hacked.

So they are not watching you, they don’t have snooping software installed (if you have decent antivirus software) and they don’t have recorded evidence of you using the computer.  Just delete this email and mark the sender as JUNK in your email programme.