Website Maintenance Service

Website Housekeeping

With a growing number of sophisticated and highly organised automated hacking tools, the maintenance of your business website is paramount but maintenance takes time, regularly software updates and IT expertise.

We are offer all existing clients an annual maintenance service to provide them with the peace of mind and the assurance that a website’s defenses are strong. Website maintenance also ensures your website is running smoothly and has the latest backend technology installed.  Without a website maintenance service it will be up to each website owner to carry out these backend tasks themselves.

Website Maintenance Service

What is specifically included

  • WordPress Upgrades  – (This software runs your website and needs to be updated regularly to prevent hack attacks)
  • Themes* and Plugin* Upgrades  – (These are the pieces of your website that determine how it looks and functions)
  • Security Monitoring – (We protect and monitor logins to your website)
  • Backups (We backup your website so that if anything were to happen we can restore it from a recent previous version)
  • Uptime Monitoring – (We monitor traffic and logins to your website 24X7 and resolve issues before you even know there is one)
  • Caching – (We tweak the settings on the backend to make you site loads fast)

*Licenses for premium themes or plugins are not included.

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Specific Exclusions

What is not included

Generally speaking – the website maintenance contract does not cover work involved in making changes to how the website looks or functions. These are known as “Change Requests” and should be submitted via our Support Ticket system on These changes may be something that the client wants or they maybe changes enforced due to a change in technology or legal requirements and will usually be subject to a charge to be agreed in advance with the client.

Some example of these exclusions are :-

  • Changing the look and feel of the website
  • Adding a widget or feature to the website
  • Changes to the navigation menu
  • Changes to header or footer details
  • Connection of Social Networking pages
  • Connection of Marketing Tools
  • Changes due to GDPR regulations, Privacy or Cookie Policies
  • Changes to Forms
  • Changes in payment processing systems
  • Changing content (images, text, videos etc)
  • Connecting 3rd Party Systems
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Changes to VAT / Duty / Shipping Costs
  • Brexit Related Changes