Good Website Housekeeping

Website housekeeping tips for keeping your website running smoothly

WebsiteAt this time of year many of us will be thinking of doing some housekeeping on our homes. A lick of paint here and a clear out of junk there will go along way to refreshing our properties and removing the clutter. Similarly, we at Jascom Ltd would advise all of our clients to do website housekeeping every 6 to 12 months to remove some older content, customer orders or inactive users.

To prevent issues with your website we highly recommend that you preform some of the housekeeping tasks outlined below to prevent

  • Disk Space Full
  • Slow Websites
  • Unauthorised Logins
  • Data Breaches
  1. Posts – Have a review of the older posts on your website and see if they are still relevant to your business/organisation today. Something that was a hop topic a few years ago may be irrelevant or inaccurate nowadays so it might be time to delete that post via Dashboard>Posts>Bulk Edit>Trash
  2. Images – If you are an organisation that uploads alot of imagery to your website then eventually you will run our of space on your webserver unless you delete the images. You can remove older images manually deleting images via Dashboard>Media and Trash.  You can sort yor Media Library by Date or File Type to make it easier. Where a very large amount of images are being managed eg Schools Websites we recommend using Google Photos to upload the images and then just paste the link to the photo galleries to the website.
  3.  Video – As a rule we wouldn’t recommend uploading videos directly to your website at all. Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are much better at storing and streaming the video content for you and both examples are free. Once you have uploaded the vides to those platforms you can just link back to the website.
  4. Users – We understand that people come and go all the time from organisations but we highly recommend checking your website login accounts to see if you have old staff logins still setup which should be deleted to prevent hacking or unauthorised logins.
  5. GDPR – GDPR and Protecting Customer Data is a hot topic right  and we would recommend that you put time into looking at your obligations under GDPR.
  6. Customers Orders – Delete old customers in line with your data retention policy eg every 6 months
  7. User Journey – We would always recommend that website owners review the journey that a customer takes on their website at least every 6 months. Are you making it easy for your customers to contact you, find out products information or to place orders. Have you unknowingly put up barriers to any customers journeys that you need to streamline.
  8. Backend Updates – If you are an existing Jascom Ltd customer then its likely you have a Maintenance Contract where we will look after all of the technical housekeeping for you.

If you need help with any of the above tips then just CONTACT US or if you are an existing customer just LOG A SUPPORT TICKET.