5 Top Tips For Your Ecommerce Platform

How to increase user engagement, increase orders and increase return shoppers


Grab Your Customers Attention – Make sure that once you do get a visitor browsing on your online shop that you promote a special offer like “Free Delivery” or “Buy One Get One Free” so they are more likely to buy. These can be in the form of a Pop Up or Announcement bar which can slide in or appear after a set amount of time. This can have an eye catching image and should always have a clear call to action like “Click Here To Get This Deal”.

Example – www.single.ie

Abandoned Cart Follow Up – Its estimated that a whopping 70% of online carts are abandoned at checkout. The reasons can be quite varied from a poor checkout experience, to shipping costs, to unclear pricing and even the checkout process is too long. But there is a way to enhance your Online Shop to send the visitor an email reminder (presuming they got as far as entering one) a few hours or days later to help them complete the purchase. You can even include a discount code to offer as an incentive. Imagine what that might do to increase your sales?

Example – www.rugvibe.com

Subscribe Now – The most effective way to increase return visitors to your site is to engage with them. Send them reminders of special offers and put your products or service foremost in their minds for when they are in shopping mode. You can do this via Newsletters (yep – they are still popular) and getting a potential customer to subscribe is literally worth its weight in gold. Once they have voluntarily subscribed then you can sent them automatic or scheduled emails that you create with images and links direct to your online shop. You can even track who has opened the emails, what they have clicked on and what the value of each conversion is to you.

Example – www.myworkwear.ie

Social Shops – More and more of your customers will start their shopping experience on your Social Channels but may not make the jump over to your website to make a purchase. Make it easier for them but connecting your Online Shop to your Social Channels like Facebook, Instagram and Google Shops. Its possible to connect your ecommerce platform to automatically import all of your products straight over to these other platforms which will appear as items for sale. Your customer can then start the purchase journey on Social and finish it on your Website in a user friendly and slick consumer journey.

Example – www.miroshoesandhandbags.com

Talk The Talk – Customers are busy people and although they may be on your website if you have a large catalogue they may not have the time to browse for ages to find what they need.  Live Chat/Bots are an increasing popular way to support the customer with their query. The chat box function can connect to a real person or a bot can be pre programmed to answer a query based on the question like “Do you have free shipping?”. Dont think that you have to have someone dedicated to this task as the software can have rules set to only be active on certain hours/days and it can connect to a pop up on the sellers device or smartphone. It may make the difference between getting that sale … or not.

Example – www.kinahanmortgages.ie

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