Are you a seller looking to make the most of Black Friday

– well here are some tip tips for those of you selling online.

  1. Raise Awareness – Black Friday is awash with local and Global companies offering customers great deals on the day. So make some Social noise in advance to let your valued customers know that you are running the sale. Otherwise you may just get overlooked in the rush.
  2. Offer a Deal – Dont just offer a small discount that wont get customers engaged. Offer a genuine deal on at least one item or one category as you will make it up again on return business or on other purchases.
  3. Upsell & Cross-sell – Many online shopping carts are capable of setting up products to upsell and cross-sell. So configure your shop to give the customer every oppertunity to offer something extra on the way to the checkout. Why do you think they put sweets at the shop checkouts?
  4. Free Shipping – Consider offering free or discounted shipping even if its just for one day. It can make the difference between making a sale or not and you can make the margin back elsewhere if you spread the cost.
  5. Vouchers – Be sure you include your gift vouchers as part of the sale as customers will love to get an extra something on top of the value of the card.
  6. Plan B – Have an offline contact point for your customers who cant find what they want online. Make sure that there is a CALL NOW or EMAIL NOW call to action as customer may just not find what they want even though you are selling it.
  7. Follow Up – Use the customer contacts that you collect as part of the sales process to follow up with a thank you or a further offer after the sales event. If customers supply you with an email address – store it securely and use it in future to build relationships.