IT Helpdesk Scam

IT Helpdesk Scam We have received a phishing email from "IT Helpdesk" which claims a password has expired. It resembles an Office 365 styled email

IT Helpdesk Scam2022-10-26T14:27:45+01:00

Norton Security Renewal Scam Alert

Norton Security Scam We have received a phishing email from "Norton_Security" but instead of a link it provides a phone number for you to ring.

Norton Security Renewal Scam Alert2022-09-07T08:15:13+01:00

MyHosting – Domain Renewal – Scam

MyHosting - Domain Renewal - Scam Some customers have contacted us to say they are receiving emails with a title "Failed to renew your domain

MyHosting – Domain Renewal – Scam2022-04-18T09:50:14+01:00

An Post – Irish Scam

Rabhadh - An Post Irish Language Scam This one is a little more unusual as its in Irish but the branding and colours and layout

An Post – Irish Scam2022-04-05T18:16:20+01:00

CPANEL Phishing Warning

CPANEL Email Phishing Scam Alert Scammers emailing customers with fake CPANEL warning We have been contacted by customers recently who have received

CPANEL Phishing Warning2022-01-04T16:32:12+00:00

Phishing Scam Alert

Phishing Scam Alert An Post Sample Some tips on how to spot the AN Post Phishing Scam - Look out for a

Phishing Scam Alert2021-12-22T10:32:46+00:00

Extortion Email Scam – Irish Version

Extortion Email Scam Alert We have noticed some unusual emails being sent to customers in the last few days -  in Irish. When translated the

Extortion Email Scam – Irish Version2021-01-25T10:16:17+00:00

DHL Phishing Scam Alert

DHL Phishing Scam Alert Some of our customers have reported receiving a genuine looking delivery notification email.  In our view this is a phishing scam

DHL Phishing Scam Alert2020-12-07T08:21:06+00:00

Netflix Scam Email Alert

Netflix Scam Email Alert We recently received a phishing scam email which looks like an email from Netflix. The email is quite convincing with the

Netflix Scam Email Alert2020-10-03T13:40:58+01:00