Case Study – Killashee Spa Shop

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Ever wondered what it takes to put sell online in a full Ecommerce Shop? Well we thought we would share this Case Study of Killashee Spa who sell a selection of their Elemis Range online specifically targeted at the Christmas period. Here are some insights :-

Product Details – Sounds obvious but you will need to prepare the product details for entering into the online shop. Make a list well in advance to determine product names, id, categories, variations(sizes, colours etc), images, stock levels and price. A little prep on an XL sheet will help later.

Imagery – You will need some good quality imagery that it is consistant so that all of the products look good in the online shop. If you cant afford a photographer (recommended) you will need to take product photos against the same background or download direct from the supplier like Killashee Spa have done.

Website – You will need somewhere online to sell so we built a website for Killashee Spa and we focused on a clean simple layout that doesnt put any barriers infront of the customers buying experience.

Managing Orders – Killashee have a dedicated team who manage your order as soon as you place it. They have a process to check email orders and then have someone assigned to processing and shipping the order to you. Its important that you would have someone assigned to this role.

Shipping – Its essential that you have figured out your shipping options like Killashee Spa have done. They have an option to ship countrywide via courier for a set fee or a “click and collect” option where you can collect at the Spa. Handy if you are working out or getting a treatment at the venue anyway.