Netflix Scam Email Alert

We recently received a phishing scam email which looks like an email from Netflix. The email is quite convincing with the use of the official logo and some links to the real Netflix website but has the usual tell tale signs of a scam :-

  • Greeting – No real name used just a blank
  • Urgency – The email was sent with a high priority status and uses the word “expired”.
  • Grammar – The second line should have a capital Y in “Your”.
  • Link – The link in the “Update Now” button does not link to an official Netflix website.
  • Salutation – The sign off is general and doesn’t list a person or department associated with Netflix.
  • Footer – The link in the footer is incorrect – this message was sent to the address <BLANK>

We have seen more poorly formatted emails than this one – so its not hard to see why people might fall for this phishing scam, click on the link and enter their real login details. As usual follow your instinct with any unsolicited and unexpected emails. Delete the email or go directly the providers website if you need to cross check. Never click on the links if you have any doubts and always invest in good computer security software which should alert you to suspicious links if you do click on them. But even the cleverest scams can fool clever people and software.

Education is the best defense against any scam. Be aware and educate yourself and your