How can you improve your website in 2020?


  • Website Updates – Do you update your website yourself? Are you able to add blog posts, update images or add products. Do you know where to find the login details?
  • SEO – Do you know how well your website ranks online? Do you check your SEO ranking regularly? Do you have access to SEO data about your website?
  • Images / Video – Do you have top quality imagery or video content on your website? When was it last updated? Did you invest in some quality phography services?


  • Selling Online – Are you part of the 30% of companies in Ireland who are selling online? Do you realise you are missing out on a slice of 3 billion annual sales? Do you take it easy for customers to pay you online?
  • Booking Systems – Are you stressed out managing bookings manually? Do you want booking to be easy? Do you know you can have a booking engine integrated into your website?
  • Online Forms – Are you capturing data using pen and paper? Do you know employees can fill in online timesheets? Do you know you can securely capture data via website forms?
  • Online Chat – Do you want to enable chat directly from your website to your customers? Do you want to automate replies or links if you are not available?


  • Newsletters – Are you capturing email addresses from your customers? Do you know you can send free email marketing via newsletters to generate sales?
  • Social Media – Do you use Social Media for your business? Do you know it can be integrated into your website to bring traffic to your site? Do you have your pages setup correctly?
  • Google Listings – Do you have a Google Business Listings? Do you realise its free and easy to setup? Do you know it will rank highly in Google and can be connected to your website?
  • Blogging –  Do you add blog posts to your website? Do you know that Google will rank your site higher if you add just one blog post per month? Do you know its easy and quick to do?


  • Online Security – Do you know if your website is secure? Do you know if it has an SSL cert to prevent hacking? Do you know if your website has sensitive data?
  • Website Maintenance – Do you know if your website is being maintained in the background? Do you know what it can be hacked if its not maintained? Is your site being backed up?
  • Visitor Statistics – Do you know how many people visit your website? Do you know what pages they visit? Do you know how they find your website?
  • Mobile Responsive – Is your website mobile compatible? Do you know it will be rank lower by Google if it is not? Do you know how it looks on mobile v desktop versions?

Enough food for thought ? Then if you value your website and want to do more with it in the New Year – then Get In Touch.