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People are often curious about how much a website costs but are often shy about asking – so here is an explainer. Prices listed below may change over time and are subject to VAT.

Domain Registration

This is your www address eg – You can opt for any address that is not already registered taken but .ie domains will required you to prove an association with Ireland. For example you many need to submit a drivers license or passport. Anyone can register a .com address and it usually takes about 24 hours.

Cost – €35 per year

Web Hosting

This is web space where your website actually sites on the internet. Think of it like a large computer on the web onto which you need to upload text, images, videos etc. You have to have somewhere for that content to be available or “hosted”. This usually comes with email addresses like and together they make up a service called a Web Hosting. If you dont have this service you wont be able to put your website anywhere to be viewed.

Cost – Approx €70 to €200 per year (depending on the plan)

Secure Socket Layer

This is an extra layer of security on your website to prevent information from being stolen. Even if you are not selling anything it is highly advisable to have an SSL cert so that the little lock icon appears when people visit. You will also rank better in Google search results if you have an SSL. If you dont – visitors will see an “unsecure website” warning.

Cost – We include this as part of our hosting package.

Website Development

This is the creation of the website design and building/testing of all of the pages and adding the content. It may also include some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some companies will include Google Analytics into this phase too. Once the website is launched the web designer will charge an hourly rate to make any further design changes. It’s best that you get some website training so you can add new content yourself. Content uploads mean you can change text and images yourself. Design changes mean that you want your web designer to add a new section or feature to the website. Alot of website designers will require the Change Request to be clearly documented so they can cost up before they begin.

Costs – Approx €750 – €1500 for Brochure Website

Approx €1500 to €5000 for Ecommerce Website

Website Support

This is an optional (but recommend) service where your web designers looks after all of the backend stuff on your website like WordPress Updates, Security Monitoring and Backups. They can also fix problems before you are even aware of them to keep the site online. Website code needs to get updated all the time to prevent hacking and most hacks come from website that are not maintained or supported. The website support service is normally cleared defined so you can see what is covered and what is not.

Cost – Approx €200 – €300 per year depending on the complexity of the website.

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