Secure Your Customers Data

At Jascom Ltd we are reminding clients that they should be taking care to manage the data collected via orders placed on their website. We have seen an increase in hacking attempts across all websites lately since more people are working from home where security may not be as tight as in office networks. Clients have an obligation to secure and manage the data they collect under EU GDPR regulations. So our advice is to consider deleting customer order data after such a time when it is no longer relevant to their business. This may be weeks or months – its a business decision. But consider the impact of having to contact thousands of customers in the event of a :

  • Website hack
  • Email Phishing attack
  • Stolen computer
  • Employee duped into password breach
  • Wifi / Network hack

Clients should consider deleting customer website order data after maybe 30 or 60 days. That way they would be less exposed in the event of a security breach. It should be considered as a housekeeping task and should be in line with their Data Privacy Policy.

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