I haven’t seen the future – but recently I have heard it. Two things caught my attention lately in the web world and they are both are subtle changes that are having a big affect on how people find websites. I recently saw a really excellent presentation at a Tourism Conference in Louth where the speaker presented the reimergence of SEO as being the top priority for websites – when was it not? Well, for a time content was king, backlinks were huge and social sharing was top trumps for getting more traffic to your website. We should all remember (including me) that good SEO strategies are simple. Techies can make it complicated but really getting the basic right like having simple URLs, good page titles, accurate headers, relevenant content and concise page descriptions are enough. Keywords dont matter any more – no really. So thats part one … of the story.

Part two of the story is a recording I heard from Google’s IO conference this week where an they promoted a Google Duplex which is AI system for accomplishing Real World Tasks over the phone. In short bots who can find and book stuff for you. So put good SEO and AI bots together and what do you have. IMHO – In the future it wont matter what websites look like – especially if you are an AI Bot. As long as they are structured properly and SEO’ed correctly then that is the game changer.

Imagine this scenario – A Millenium is too busy to book a hair appointment so they just tell ( and I mean they say it) to their AI Bot Assistanc App on their phone it searches they web then finds a website based on how much it matches the requirements and then makes the call…

Pretty impressive – right ? Pretty alarming – for anyone who thinks that AI is going to be just for geeks. Also alarming for Google who are playing catchup in the the voice search market because Amazons Alexa is way ahead already in that space. So while you screamble to get yoiu website in order to catch up with these changes just think about the next time you take a sales call – who will you really be talking to?