Probably one of the most important elements to success for your online shop is to have a person to manage it. The shop will need to be managed the same way as a bricks and mortar shop needs some to manage it too. So be aware that although having an Ecommerce wont overwhelm you especially in the beginning as time grows and hopefully your sales – you will need to make time for your Shop Manager to be able to run the shop. Here are some of the tasks they will need to do

  • Upload New Products
  • Manage Orders
  • Reply to Email Queries
  • Ship the products via Post/Courier
  • Process Refunds
  • Run Sales Promotions

At Jascom Ltd we always provide training on how to run the online shop and provide a simple straightforward guide. We are there for you when you need help but ultimately your shop manage will run the shop on a day to day basis.