Assign A Shop Manager

Probably one of the most important elements to success for your online shop is to have a person to manage it. The shop will need

Assign A Shop Manager2022-04-23T11:39:44+01:00

Upload Your Products

So once you have all of the previous steps completed the last thing you need to do is to upload your product catalogue. You should

Upload Your Products2022-04-23T09:19:53+01:00

Define Your T&C’s / Policies

Its highly advisable to define your Terms and Conditions / GDPR / Policies as soon as you setup your website. If you are trading with

Define Your T&C’s / Policies2022-04-23T09:12:56+01:00

Sign Up To A Payment Processor

In order to be able to take online payments for your goods and services you will need to register with a Payment Processor. This is

Sign Up To A Payment Processor2022-04-23T09:09:18+01:00

Get A Hosting Package

Website Hosting is a service that connects to your domain so customers can access your shop. Its is comprise of web space services (similar to

Get A Hosting Package2022-04-23T09:02:03+01:00

Pick An Ecommerce Platform

Now this is where you will need help. There are a few Ecommerce Platforms out there from BigCommerce, SquareSpace, Wix to Woocommerce and Shopify. A

Pick An Ecommerce Platform2022-04-23T08:58:22+01:00

Get An SSL Cert

A secure socket Layer (SSL) cert is a must for your Ecommerce website. It ensures your website is https and puts that all important little

Get An SSL Cert2022-04-22T17:24:25+01:00

Register A Domain Name

You will need a website address (www) so your customer know where to go to buy your products or services. If possible it should be

Register A Domain Name2022-04-22T12:56:41+01:00