Extortion Email Scam Alert

We have noticed some unusual emails being sent to customers in the last few days –  in Irish. When translated the sender claims to have been hacked into their computer and has been monitoring the users computer activities. There are threats to reveal the users search history and “sensitive data”. The messages subject reads “Your device is infected by hackers. Check the details right away!”

Let us say straight up that this is a scam – but the Irish language version.

In this case – They do not have software installed. They are not watching you.

Here’s how the scam works.

The hacker uses software to generate an automated email out to thousands of email addresses. In this case the hacker set the default language to Irish for email address based in Ireland presuming the primary spoken language here is Irish. The hacker sends the menacing email and includes a demand for money eg USD 1300) and  a link to BITCOIN which will make the payment anonymous so it cant be traced.

So what can you do?

  1. Delete the email and block the sender via an option in your email program.
  2. Always keep your p.c. antivirus/security software up to date – we dont recommend the free versions.
  3. Always use different passwords for different systems – we know its difficult but its necessary.
  4. Change your passwords regularly – every 6 months is no harm.
  5. Enable extra security – alot of systems now have 2FA which uses your phone as part of a login process.
  6. Delete or report the emails – this is a crime after all and people do fall this scam and pay the ransom.


See example below :