DPD Email Scam Alert

We have noticed a recent email phishing scam which is allegedly from DPD Courier service – but is not genuine. It has all the tell tale phishing scam giveaways outlined in yellow :

DPD Email Scam

Scam Email – How To Recognise

  • Heading – Scary warning message alerting you to take action quickly
  • From Email – The email address shown is not a genuine DPD email address
  • To Email – Its not to your email address but a general email address list
  • Greeting – Generic greeting that doesnt mention your name
  • Action – A clear call to action in this case by a date which has already passed
  • Charge – The threat of incurring a fee is not genuine
  • Links – The links in the email are are not to a genuine DPD website

As always if you are suspicious about the authenticity of an email – then just delete it. We also recommend marking it as “Junk” and blocking the sending if your email client has those options. But as always education is the best form of defence – so make your staff aware of these email phishing scams.