DHL Phishing Scam Alert

Some of our customers have reported receiving a genuine looking delivery notification email.  In our view this is a phishing scam email for the following reasons outlined in yellow below

  • Recipient Address = “noreply” which means it probably a group of thousands of email addresses … including yours.
  • Zip File = These types of attachments are usually harmless but can be loaded with spyware by hackers to infect your computer.
  • Greeting = “Dear Consignee” –  a general greeting instead of specifying you name is suspicious as they should have your contact details if genuine.
  • Fonts = A mixture of font types throughout the email indicates that this email has probably been generated from some type of automated script.
  • Poor Grammar  =  There are several tell tale examples of poor grammar throughout the email.
  • Misspelling = The word “attatchment” is incorrectly spelled – a real giveaway.
  • Date = The year on the footer is specified as “2019” instead of the current year.

Action – We recommend deleting this email and/or marking as SPAM if your email system supports this. If you have clicked on any of the attachments we highly recommend running your updated antivirus software and changing your essential passwords.