CPANEL Email Phishing Scam Alert

Scammers emailing customers with fake CPANEL warning

We have been contacted by customers recently who have received an email alert warning that they have “reached their disk quota”. The email title is as per below

WARNING The domain “yourwebsite” has reached their disk quota.

You should follow the link bellow to auto extend your disk capacity for free as soon as possible in order to prevent the loss of any files and future emails. Use the Disk Capacity tool at

We would like to advise customers this email is fake for the following reasons :-

  • It doesn’t come from an official CPANEL Hosted email address
  • The links embedded in the email link to spurious/harmful websites
  • There is no salutation eg Dear Your Name

Otherwise than that – this is one of the more convincing phishing emails although the content of the email seems to be directed at the web hosting company rather than the website owner who usually doesnt have the CPANEL login details to the backend of the website.

So we can only assume the scammer will want the website owner to forward the the email to the hosting company who may fall for it and attempt to login using the link.

DONT WORRY – WE DIDNT FALL FOR THIS ONE – But we are making you aware about it so you dont either.