Course Overview

EcommerceThis Ecommerce For Small Business Course will teach you everything you to know about selling online as an SME. The course uses a mix of audio, video and images to bring you through the modules. You will learn about Ecommerce Shopping Carts, Payment Platforms, Product Catalogues, Shipping, Refunds etc.  Once enrolled – this course can be accessed on any device, started, paused, continued on another device and stepped forward/backwards as you like. You can take the course as many time as you like and will be awarded an online course completion certificate by Jascom Ltd once you complete all of the modules and units.


Course Audience

This course is aimed at beginners who are non technical. Its aimed at business owners, group or associations, bloggers or startups – all of who will be want to know what’s involved in selling online before they venture into doing it. This course is also useful for people who are currently selling online and may want to switch to a different platform or payment processor. This course is ideal for business owners who are selling offline and want to make the leap to selling online as well.

How to navigate this course

This course is broken down into modules and units for ease of navigation. Once you have read the content on the screen move to the next unit by click on the “Mark As Complete” button. You can always go back but you cannot jump ahead. You can see your progress highlights in green in the progress bar. You can start and stop this course anytime and you can resume where you left off.