Sharepoint Email Scam Alert

Sharepoint Email Scam Alert   We are advising customers to be aware of the latest email scam circulating which is based on a Sharepoint Document

Sharepoint Email Scam Alert2020-08-06T10:43:44+00:00

DPD Email Scam Alert

DPD Email Scam Alert We have noticed a recent email phishing scam which is allegedly from DPD Courier service - but is not genuine. It

DPD Email Scam Alert2020-08-04T13:47:34+00:00

Mail Delivery Scam Alert

Mail Delivery System - Scam Alert We would like to advise our customers of a recent email scam entitled "Mail Delivery System". It alleges that

Mail Delivery Scam Alert2020-04-06T12:08:27+00:00

DHL – Phishing Scam Alert

DONT FALL FOR THIS PHISHING SCAM Some of our customers have reported receiving a genuine looking delivery notification email.  In our view this is a

DHL – Phishing Scam Alert2020-02-04T15:25:08+00:00

Remote Desktop Blackmail Threat Scam Email

Phishing Scam Warning This is the latest version of a well established blackmail threat scam and is called a "Phishing Scam". The scammer alleges that

Remote Desktop Blackmail Threat Scam Email2019-06-08T15:22:45+00:00

Emails On Hold Scam Alert

We have received a number of emails from customers that are fake alerts about their email accounts. The scam alert says that emails are on

Emails On Hold Scam Alert2020-02-27T09:37:49+00:00

CIA Email Scam Warning

We have received a number of emails claiming to be from the CIA and claiming to hold information relating to a criminal case relating to

CIA Email Scam Warning2020-02-27T08:39:52+00:00

Invoice Redirection Scam Warning

We want to make customers aware of an email spoofing scam known as the Invoice Redirection Scam. This scam involves fraudsters sending an email to

Invoice Redirection Scam Warning2020-02-27T08:40:30+00:00

GDPR Compliance Scam Warning

Many of our customers have received a new scam email claiming to warn them that their website is not GDPR compliant. The email claims to

GDPR Compliance Scam Warning2019-05-26T08:37:03+00:00