October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

Break The Chain

Every ransomware attack is a link in a chain of events. But you can break the chain through security improvements, awareness and staff training.


  • Upgrade your computers – Windows 7 to 10 are way out of date.
  • Antivirus – make sure you have it installed on all devices including phones.
  • Logins – Never share login username and passwords – no generic accounts.
  • Website – Have a website maintenance contract covering updates, monitoring and backups.
  • Purge – Delete old customer data after a few months – the less data – the less exposure in the event of a hack.
  • Awareness – talk to your staff about cyber awareness and training – don’t assume they know the risks.
  • Test – Get an outsider to test your security and processes – see how far they get pretending to be you.