AnPost Scam

We haven’t seen this one before – but we received a Fake “An Post” TV license scam email recently so we are sharing to raise awareness. The email has some of the hallmarks of a scam marked in “yellow” which are the following :-

  • Email – Clearly not from An Post domain or website.
  • Anonymous Greeting – There is no first or second name listed but only a generalised “Dear Customer” greeting.
  • Urgency – This is a tell tale sign of fake email where scammer till to instill  a sense of urgency or panic.
  • Links – If you hover over the links they do not show website addresses related to “An Post”

This scam is clearly targeting the Irish market who would be familiar with An Post and the colour scheme to trick customers into clicking on the links and expose their devices to spyware or handing over their personal data.

As usual – if have any doubts – delete.