Black Friday

5 Website Tips For Black Friday Sellers

Website Tips for sellers for Black Friday

  • Be Ready Before Friday

    Black Friday is a huge oppertunity to make sales as bargain hunters all over the World are ready to spend for Christmas deals. But be ready – there is no point trying to get your promotion ready the night before. Setup your discounts, create your advertising images, test your discount codes, update your stock and pricing. Dont leave it till #lastminutedotcom

  • Make sure your offers are clear and obvious.

    Be sure to make your Black Friday Sale offer stand out on the page. Make the user journey to the checkout easy and if you have a discount code or category make it bigger or put it in a different colour. Pop up boxes or announcement bars are a really useful way to do this.

  • Use discount codes that are easy and fun for customers.

    Customers love bargains and discount codes are a great way for customers to be offered a reduced price in a way that you can record and control. Be sure to setup the code well in advance and you should test thoroughly across different products before advertising. Avoid codes that have special characters or spacing as people will type them in wrong – try using just plain old BLACKFRIDAY as your discount code.

  • Make sure there is a way for customers to contact you with queries.

    The difference between making a sale or not on Black Friday is often the answer to a customer query. You may have a good offer available but the customer might have a simple query about shipping or returns or a colour or size variation. So be sure to have a “Need Help?” option available that refers them to an online chat, email address or phone number.

  • Make sure your products and pricing are correct.

    Things maybe hectic (hopefully!) with orders on Black Friday but the day after is the wrong time to find out that your price, shipping or stock levels were wrong. You may end up loosing a lot of money through a simple pricing or discount code error. Be sure to cross check all of the backend products and configuration numbers well before the big day.