Bookings and Appointments Systems

We have seen a huge surge in the demand for Booking and Appointment systems from our customers in the era of COVID19. So here are 5 ways we have implemented these solutions for our clients :-

  1. Doctor – We have implemented a complete GP Appointment systems for where patients can book, pay and have a virtual consultation without ever having to visit the doctor in person at all. A combination of Zoom and Electronic Prescriptions means the full end to end consultation can now all be done online.
  2. Barber – We have developed a online booking system for 2 different local Barbers ( and who will be taking appointments for the 29th June 2020. Customers simply visit their website pick date, time and make the payment in advance. The appointments will be 1-2-1 with no waiting and will have a full clean down between clients. The online system has a medical assessment questionnaire for customer to fill in related to COVID19 prior to the visit.
  3. Food – We have integrated a food ordering/takeaway app QKangaroo for which means customers can now book a time slot for their food collection at the venue. The customer chooses the time slot, orders from the menu and then pays securely via Credit Card.
  4. Legal – We are building a new client/solicitor consultation booking system for a solicitors office. This system will allow clients to book and pay for a 1-2-1 virtual legal consultation at a day and time of their choosing without having to meet in person.
  5. Gym – We are building a new gym appointment system for who are reopening from 29th June 2020 under strict social distancing rules. The booking system will allow customers to block book a gym session where a set number of slots are available to limit over crowding. The members will complete a short COVID19 survey and will need to enter their membership number before completing the booking.

These are just some examples of how are implementing Booking and Appointment system solutions for businesses who have been adversely affect by COVD19 and Social Distancing rules in Ireland.