From Sept of 2019 paying via credit card online is set to be come more secure. The introduction of the new 3D Secure Protocol v2 (3DS2) will mean that extra information will be sent to your credit card company / bank when you attempt to make a purchase using a card. You might have already seen 3D Secure v1 when making large purchases – when the dreaded “Visa Secure” box pops up just before you get to buy your favourite concert tickets online and you cant remember what password to put in. Well, this change will mean that you may have to enter some details but this time around it might be a code sent to your phone via text message or a finger print scan … or even a facial scan. Sounds a bit sci-fi but this will make it easier customers to complete the checkout and will also make it easier for the business to verify a genuine customer via their smartphone.

This improved safeguard will reduce fraud and will reduce cart abandonment for businesses who will have previous seen 3D Secure as a blocker in the checkout process for their customers. Jascom customers who have website maintenance contracts will have their Ecommerce shops upgraded automatically for the Sept 2019 deadline.