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So which country is trying to hack my website?

Just to give you an idea of the average monthly hack attempts on a website –  we have publishing this security report for April 2017 for our own website – (www.jascom.ie) Thankfully our website has security protection enabled but not all websites do and they need constant monitoring. Think of it as a security team watching your property.  These attacks are automated and are not usually specified against smaller companies but they are organised and do happen in swarms where a website will be suddenly probed for known vunerabilities and weak passwords.

If your website hasnt got the very latest updates then it is vunerable to a hack and by the time you realise it – it is usually too late. Make sure your website is protected with the latest updates and you have a maintenance contract in place with your supplier covering backups and monitoring.


Top 10 IPs Blocked

IP Country Block Count   RU 32   US 30   ES 10   EG 8   CL 7   LU 5   MA 3   KR 3   SG 3   CL 3


Top 10 Countries Blocked

Country Total IPs Blocked Block Count
  US 5 38
  RU 2 35
  ES 5 22
  IN 7 21
  CN 19 20
  CL 4 14
  TR 9 13
  AU 5 13
  RO 4 12
  ID 5 10