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How to make your website GDPR Compliant

GDPR – What does it mean in simple terms.

Who – Every company large and small will have to show themselves to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant and give people more control over their personal data.

What – There are a new set of EU rules coming into play  that will mean that companies will have to show themselves to be much more careful with personal data or risk fines.

Where – Every company in the EU and Ireland …. and that means you will have to be compliant even if you trade with customers outside of the EU.

When  –  The rules actually kicked in 2 years ago but are becoming mandatory on 25th May 2018.

Why – The reason these rules are coming into force is help/force companies into taking the management of customer data much more seriously. It will also give people more control over their own personal data and privacy. Ultimately it will mean a reduction in accidental or malicious data breaches.

Understand? Now here is the nitty gritty on how it affects your website.

Right To Access – So if you have forms on your website before someone submits their information they must  see a notice to make them aware that data will be stored by your company probably in the form of an email.

User Is Informed – You need to tell the user typically in a updated Privacy Policy what data you are keeping, how you are keeping it and for what purpose.

Privacy By Design – This means that you should only keep data that is absolutely necessary and check who has access within your company who need to use the data.

Right To Be Forgotten – You will need to provide the user with an easy way to delete the personal data and stop any future collection of data from them probably via an online consent form. You must be able to provide the user with a copy of their data within one month – free of charge.

Reporting Data Breaches – If your website experiences a data breach of any kind your company will be required to notify all of your users within 3 days of you becoming aware of the breach. You will need a procedure to detect, report and investigate a breach if it occurs.

So as you can see … there is a lot to think about. If you would like us to assist you in making your website GDPR compliant then Get In Touch and we will let you know what changes we think you need to make.

Important – The changes and recommendations described above refer to your website only and do not cover additional changes your company will need to make in relation to data stored on company IT systems.

For further reading please visit the Government Of Irelands of Official GDPR website –

Felda Spa launch online treatments bookings

Felda Spa have integrated their online booking engine (Phorest) with their website with help from Jascom Ltd. Clients can now book a range of health and beauty treatments directly on the website at a date and time of their choosing. There is no need to pickup the phone as the booking process is completely automated and includes text and email updates. Experience a little relaxation for yourself with simple and fast online booking with Felda Spa.

Visit –


Singli Foods ship online orders Worldwide

Legendary Dundalk based food company Singli Foods are now shipping their famous sauces to the UK, USA and Canada with an online shipping module developed by Jascom Ltd. Their website ( has a range of authentic Irish chip shop curry sauces and powders where customers have been able to order from all over Ireland. But due to increased demand primarily from the Irish Diaspora the company has extended their shipping options abroad. “The demand for our sauces internationally is increasing month on month” said CEO Gerry King.  We have taken our time to find the right shipping agents and cost structure to make it viable – just like our sauces – we think we have the perfect recipe for our customers with some help online from Jascom Ltd”. Singli has moved into the health conscious food market in recent years with a selection of “Free-From” powders which are low in calories, MSG free etc and are all available to order online now.


St Francis NS website achieves Scoilnet Star Award

Blackrock School St Francis National School has had its website ( developed by Jascom Ltd recognised as a Scoilnet Star Site.  Scoilnet’s much-coveted Star Site award recognises those schools that are embracing the web as a communication tool.

“I’m delighted to congratulate your website on being chosen as Scoilnet’s Star Site. We here at Scoilnet think that you have a great website and that it is a super point of contact between the school and the wider community. I’ve attached the Star Site logo for you to proudly display alongside your other many awards on your site.” said Dave O’Mahony Project Officer from Scoilnet. Click here to read the full review.


New Online Booking System for MVI Cleaning

Dundalk based cleaning company MVI Cleaning have launched a new complete online booking system developed by Jascom Ltd for their range of services. The booking system allows the customer to book an oven, car or carpet cleaning completely online by just selecting the service and date/time that suits. The system is completely automated with online payments and notifications are sent to the customer to confirm the booking appointment. The whole booking process takes less than one minute to complete from end to end and will make the process much easier and faster for the customer. MVI Cleaning CEO Keith Agnew said “It will revolutionise how we manage bookings and will allows the customer to pick and choose their own date and time”. “Now we have a single system to manage our booking which is integrated with our emails and Google calendars so we know exactly when the next appointment is due – its simple”. The system went online on the 12th Jan 2018 and is fully complatible with mobile/tablet devices so you can book on the go.


5 Louth Companies Selling Online

Are you one of the hundreds of Irish companies selling online and generating 37% of or their turnover on the web? Well here are a sample of companies from the North East of Ireland who are using online shopping carts to reach their customers :-

1. Felda Gym and Spa


2. Dundalk Wines


3. Singli Foods


4. Maisy Boutique


5. Ace Environmental


Jascom launches VPE Fantasy Six Nations Competition

vpe_fb_600We are proud to continue our support of the Laura Lynn Foundation in conjuction with Vaughan Project Engineering via the VPE F6NF website competition which launched this week. This online Fantasy Six Nations Rugby competition has been running for well over 15 years and has evolved from the “paper and pen” model to a full online mobile website with payments integration. The website has an entry form based on a home points spread prediction of score in the Six Nations Rugby competition which kicks off on Sat 6th Feb 2016. The top scorer will take home a grand prize of €1000 with the remainder going to Laura Lynn House. Good luck and get entering via